Target assembles the Avengers from everyday items

It's just a few more days until The Avengers finally opens. As if you weren't already anxious enough, here's a campaign put together by Portland's Wieden + Kennedy ad agency for Target:

The campaign is called "A Superhero in Every Aisle." Click on any of the images to see a closeup of how it was made.

Iron Man



Captain America

It's cool how many different kinds of toys they used. If you look at the closeups, you'll see Hasbro's stuff, of course, but also Marvel Legends, Transformers, Funko and even Lego. This is ridiculously clever stuff! And here are the credits:

Art Director: Drew Dayberry
Copywriter: Casey Hall
Creative Directors: Guy Seese, Chris Mitton
Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Susan Hoffman
Photographer: Adam Levy
Retoucher: Greg Radich, SGS
Art Buyer: Amy Carleton
Models made by LAIKA
LAIKA Art Director: Nicholas Weigel
Model Fabrication Lead: Rob Melchoir
Production Coordinator: Alix Iverson
Character Fabrication: Katie Mello, Margaret Meyer, Sara Neiman, Joe Schmidt, Sarah Hall
Producer: Rebecca Bowen
Executive Producer: Lourri Hammack

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3 Responses to Target assembles the Avengers from everyday items

  1. Oliver Wallace says:

    Wow, those are scary cool.

  2. nightboomfer says:

    Yo dawg, I heard you like Mjolnir...

  3. Yelinna says:

    How dare these people be SO FREAKIN' COOL????
    Warning: these scultures have subliminal mensages. Now I feel I need a Thor action figure!!

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