Predator Trophy Wall addendum

In today's review of NECA's Predator Trophy Wall diorama, I mentioned that the skulls for the wall were only included with various figures (until NECA bowed to demands and started offering a skull pack online). For anyone who still wishes to do it the hard way, the breakdown is as follows:

And there you have it.

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3 Responses to Predator Trophy Wall addendum

  1. yo go re says:

    I was pissed off about the skull pack, too. But then I figured, this is a super-limited, expensive piece, and if that's what it takes to make people buy one, so be it. I definitely wouldn't have bought some of those figures if not for the skulls, though...

    • Bigbot says:

      I'm thankful for the skull pack because I didn't want to buy all those two packs/variants. It did make me purchase the set when I wouldn't have otherwise.

      • monkey boy says:

        yeah, but i probably wouldn't have bought the water emergence predator or the SDCC 2012 cloaked city hunter if they didn't come with skulls. they're both interesting figures but i probably would've passed on them if i had known i could get all the skulls for the price of a single figure.

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