Science Fiction Mystery Minis - Lootcrate Mal Reynolds exclusive & Jayne Cobb

Mal wasn't the only Firefly figure in Science Fiction Mystery Minis Series 1 - there was also the ship's enforcer, Jayne Cobb.

Jayne was the hired goon for a different bunch of space banditos when Mal offered him a better deal and got him to switch sides. And though he was never the most trustworthy member of the crew, Jayne could be counted on as long as the rewards were flowing his way. He was basically a big cuddly teddy bear, who might turn on his friends at the drop of a hat.

And then it turned out that actor Adam Baldwin was a political lunatic, like a cross between Ted Nugent and Alex Jones, but not nearly as well reasoned. Imagine if Firefly was one of your favorite shows, but you could never watch it again because then you'd see the human nutball who sicced an army of Men's Rights Activist trolls on you and nearly ruined your life. Some people don't have to imagine.

Funko created Jayne wearing his famous hat, because of course they did. If you have a chance to make a toy wearing a silly hat, you do it, because that's a great way to help sell the likeness. Thing is, the outfit he's wearing isn't the one he wore while he had the hat: it's a grey-green T-shirt with khaki pants, big black boots, and fingerless gray gloves. He's also carrying "Vera," his fancy modular gun - again, Vera never appeared with the hat, so this figure is basically an "ultimate" Jayne rather than one meant to represent a specific version.

If not for the Lootcrate Mal, I probably wouldn't have kept this Jayne when I got him. Adam Baldwin is just too unlikeable a person to be worthy of having any of his merchandise alone; it would be like willingly owning a Michael Vick action figure, you know? But as a pair with his captain, he's not quite as bad.

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3 Responses to Science Fiction Mystery Minis - Lootcrate Mal Reynolds exclusive & Jayne Cobb

  1. Melissa says:

    I received this Mal... and was a bit perplexed at the shotgun. I can't seem to recall when Mal ever used a shotgun in the series... but I can't be for certain without watching them all again! 😀

    • yo go re says:

      Oh dear, what a chore! 🙂

      You're definitely right, though, him using a shotgun is unusual. The only times I know of are in "Safe" (a Winchester 1300) and "Heart of Gold" (a Marlin Model 1895 Lever Action) - and conveniently enough, in the latter episode, he's even wearing a blue shirt!

      I'm glad you asked about it, because otherwise I never would have looked that up...

  2. Soundwinder says:

    I've been pretty pleased with Lootcrate overall. Helps I got lucky with some of the random ones (Megatron from the Loyal Subjects in Transform, Donatello from Heroes, and the Alien from Galactic), but some of their exclusives have been awesome (Funkopop Groot with GLOW IN THE DARK?!?! Yes please).

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