cus anime is teh s uck

Today we reviewed the Brak Show set from Palisades, and said the program was one of the first things to premiere on [adult swim]. Here is the schedule for the first night:

10:00pm - Home Movies ("Director's Cut")
10:30pm - The Brak Show ("Goldfish")
10:45pm - The Brak Show ("Time Machine")
11:00pm - Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law ("Bannon Custody Battle")
11:15pm - Sealab 2021 ("Chickmate")
11:30pm - Space Ghost Coast to Coast ("Knifin' Around")
11:45pm - Space Ghost Coast to Coast (episode unknown)
12:00am - Cowboy Bebop ("Asteroid Blues")
12:30am - Cowboy Bebop ("Stray Dog Strut")

Yes, it only aired for three hours back then - and only one night a week (Sunday, but the entire block re-aired with no changes following Thursdays)!

Here's a video sample from those early days, with promo voiceover by Peter Cullen:

And just by sheer coincidence, yo wrote a bit of pre-OAFE content that same day - September 2, 2001.

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