Sadgasm Homer addendum

In today's review of "That '90s Show" Homer Simpson, we mentioned his band Sadgasm, and their best-selling album, Desolation Hatchback.

Here are their songs:

"Politically Incorrect"

Pain is brown.
Hate is white.
Love is black.
Stab the night.
Kingdom of Numb.
Closet of Hurt.
Feelings are dumb.
Kisses are dirt.

"Shave Me"

Razorblade of apathy.
Shave me with your irony.
Shave me!
Shave me!


Spread yellow gunk on my pancake heart,
Country churned girl in my grocery cart.
I paid for her dreams, she taught me to cry.
Like watery knives, like rain from my eyes.

I can't believe you're not mine!
I can't believe you're not mine!
Margerine. Margerine. Margerine.
Margerine. Margerine.

And hey, just because, here's the song the group was working on before changing styles:

"Back Rub"

I'll make rub to you,
Show respect for you.
Hug so safe and strong,
Back rub all night long!
I'll make rub to you!

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