Lego Dimensions gets a little underhanded

You're familiar with the new Lego Dimensions game, yes? The one with all the cool properties, that works like Skylanders or Amiibos or Disney Infinity? Of course you are! You're probably drooling over the thought of Doctor Who and Portal and all sorts of other amazing things becoming cool little Lego sets. Well, take a look at the instruction booklet you get with your purchase:

In case you can't read that, it says "continue building using the in-game building instructions." So in order to build the rest of the set, you have to own the actual game? We'd be willing to bet that at max, about 25% of the sets Lego Dimensions sells will ever be used with the game, so this seems like a particularly bad choice on their part.

Backlash is already strong enough that Lego has responded:

Hopefully they've learned their lesson, and this kind of foolishness won't continue in the next wave of releases.


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3 Responses to Lego Dimensions gets a little underhanded

  1. Shocka says:

    Aus Xbox One version had printed instructions included for the complete build?

    • yo go re says:

      Well, they probably knew how crap your Australian internet is. If you had to wait for the game to tell you how to build everything, you'd never get through the tutorial...

  2. OAFE says:

    The technical bug has been worked out, and the instructions are now online.

    To find them, go to the dedicated mini-site, and click on "Products" in the top menu. Navigate to the set you want instructions for, and look for the icon link beneath the large photo.

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