ATFC '16 - Day 1: Hasbro - Marvel

Hasbro has a new series of Hero Mashers Minis, which will be about 2" tall, yet still work with pieces from the bigger sets:

Marvel Legends Dr. Strange series will feature a BAF Dormammu, while Silk will join Peter Parker and Miles Morales will feature a new "teen boy" body:

Unsurprisingly, we're getting a 6" movie Scarlet Witch. "Secret War" Cap has a new "flinging" shield hand that we'll probably see over and over from here on out. The figures behind them are the new 12" line, while the Hydro Man and Living Laser at their feet are 4". Three different scales, and they're all named "Marvel Legends." Thanks, Obama.

In addition to Cap and Black Panther, the Civil War MLs will feature Nuke, Red Guardian, and a new Nick Fury with bonus "Dirk Anger" head:

It's so sad that Marvel can't make X-Men toys, since Fox has the movie rights. If they could, we'd probably get MLs of Cable, Rogue, Shadowcat (with extra head for Onslaught), Havok, Iceman, and the best Deadpool anybody's ever seen.

12" Marvel Legends Spider-Man:

New 4" Marvel Legends (see why having everything named the same is dumb yet?) include Web Armor Spidey, Mohawk Rogue, yellow Daredevil, Gamora, and most surprising of all, Rage!

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3 Responses to ATFC '16 - Day 1: Hasbro - Marvel

  1. The Marvel Legends X-Men line is a huge missed opportunity as it’s entirely remakes. They won’t tell us whether Sauron is the BAF until SDCC.

    • Cap Lad says:

      Remakes, okay, but the most recent thing in there is Deadpool, and the one Hasbro made wasn't easy to find. We've never had that Havok or Cable costume, the last Ice Man predates the concept of BAFs, Rogue was only made with that ugly Toy Biz body and only came in a box set, and Phoenix might as well have never been made at all she's so rare. Plus even the normal ML restarted with Ghost Rider and Iron Man, not Whirlwind and Nico Manaro. Hafta draw people in with familiar characters first.

  2. But why not pepper in some new characters like Silver Samurai, Polaris, & Multiple Man? It'd make it more appealing to collectors that were fine with the older versions & keep interest in the line from dying out prematurely by burning through A-listers too fast.

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