Amazing-Man addendum

Today we reviewed Amazing-Man. Here, direct from 1939, is his first appearance in Amazing-Man Comics #5:

(Some sources believe that Amazing-Man Comics inherited its numbering from Motion Picture Funnies Weekly, which only ever printed one test issue, but had proofs for the covers of issues #2 - #4 as well. Other than the coincidental numbers, there's no hard evidence for this.)

Pages courtesy the Digital Comic Museum, which has scans of hundreds of old public domain comicbooks.

Also, you can get free digital downloads of the new John Aman series from Gallant Comics!

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3 Responses to Amazing-Man addendum

  1. Friginator says:

    Yeah, sure, Superman and Batman are cool and all, but I always wanted to read about a guy with the skill and precision of a mongoose.

    • yo go re says:

      "A chained man in his underwear, ready to bite any snake that comes near him" sounds like something you'd find on a MUCH different site...

  2. Sean_C says:

    The Great Question is like Cobra Commander and the Riddler had a telepathic child and it was raised by monks.

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