Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Dale Horvath (In Memorium) review

I give Walking Dead Wednesday to you not that you may remember time, but that you may forget it. For a moment, now and then, and not spend all of your breath trying to conquer it.

For our second "In Memorium" review, we turn to a figure that proves that not everyone in this series will be a beloved character who turned into a zombie - some will just be beloved characters who died a gruesome, painful, prolonged death!

Dale's defining role, in both the comics and the TV show, was that he owned an RV. Sure, he was the moral center of the group, and kind of served as Rick's second-in-command, but ultimately? Like every guy with no personality to speak of, he was defined by the car he drove. Of course, it was only the TV show that gave us his famous catchphrase, "chavvy choff-chopf"!

As we said in the Hershel review, the big difference between the two elderly guys was that the farmer wore suspenders while the guy with the Winnebago wore a floppy hat. Thanks for codifying yourselves better than the comic ever did, guys! This Mini gets the right accoutrements, dressing Dale in said hat, plus a Hawaiian shirt, greenish pants, and dark boots. It's hard to identify the specific colors, since the In Memorium figs are all desaturated, though they're not quite to pure grayscale territory yet. He has painted fingernails, plus wrinkles on his pants, and he's holding his rifle - for this to really and truly represent the situation in which he dies, the gun should have a scope on it, but allowances must be made. Also, the beard on the toy is a lot fuller than it ever was on the actor, but I guess there's no way to sculpt "thick scruff" - at least, not in this semi-animated style.

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