Voltron: Legendary Defender: Yellow Lion addendum

In conjunction with today's Yellow Lion review, here's the official profile of its pilot, Hunk:

Guardian Spirit of Land

Hunk is the team's mechanic and he's a naturally good-hearted guy who is quick to laugh at himself. He's got a goofy sense of humor and hates any tension within the group, almost as much as his stomach hates flying. Gastrointestinal issues aside, Hunk is the team's foodie and he's constantly assessing alien vegetables to gauge their value in his recipes.

The '80s Hunk was the team's big guy; the modern one keeps that, also making him a mechanical genius - the "build it and make it work" counterpart to Pidge's creative, "dream it up" side. In the original Japanese show, the character's name was Seidou Tsuyoshi, nicknamed "Hothead."

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