Transformers BotBots storage

If you're going to be getting a lot of the Transformers BotBots, you'll need some way to keep them organised.

May we offer you an egg in this trying time?

That is the 24-compartment storage container from Store House, item #99458. It has moveable dividers so you can increase the size of the compartments (which also makes it perfect for 4"-scale toys, like Star Wars or ReAction), but the standard size is perfect for BotBots. As you can see, you can even keep the paperwork with them, if you want!

yo swears by these things. Says he uses them for Marvel Universe, Minimates, anything small like that. They're available on Amazon, but you can also get them at your local hardware store (where people less nerdy than us would get them to store different sized screw or whatever).

Also, spoilers for future reviews, maybe?

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