Oversized Army Alphas

Do you perchance recall the "Army Alphas" Kickstarter from a few years ago, which offered backers some generic 4" figures - skeletons, soldiers, policemen, what have you? The folks behind it (Cryptid Toys, which sounds like they should be making bigfoots, not army men) are back again, but this time they're tackling the 6" scale.

In addition to the plain police and military figures, you can also get:

  • "not" a Hydra Agent
  • "not" an Agent of SHIELD
  • and (if the stretch goals get unlocked) even a "not" Cobra Trooper to fight "not" Snake-Eyes.

The figures look like they'll be pretty good, so why not swing by the Kickstarter and see if they're worth your money?

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One Response to Oversized Army Alphas

  1. yo go re says:

    They've hit their goal! The line is happening!

    Now everybody go get in on it so we can get that Snake-Eyes...

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