Genis-Vell addendum: costume origins

Here is Alex Ross' design for the new Captain Marvel ("new" as of 2002, clearly):

And here is Captain Mar-Vell's forgotten original costume:

Any questions?

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3 Responses to Genis-Vell addendum: costume origins

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    I always liked how Captain Mar-Vell's original look was basically the normal Kree uniform. The Skrulls thought highly enough of him that when they found out he was one of the Kree sent to Earth, Earth had to be important enough to try again despite their defeats at the hands of the Fantastic Four. But despite that fearsome reputation, Marv was just dressed as a regular Kree soldier.

    Part of the reason my interest in Captain Marvel heavily decreased was the crew's decision to have Marv be a woman in the MCU. I have a much bigger emotional connection to Marv than to Carol Danvers, so I was really excited to see how they'd explain how Marv went from 'regular Kree battle uniform' to 'colourful elite uniform' then 'dead, but still inspirational enough for Carol to decide to take up his colours and his name'. I guess I can see how, "Mar-Vell was this amazing strong woman Carol looked up to, and when she died Carol called herself 'Marvel' in her honour" is really, really streamlined, but it still felt like a really unnecessary change.

    • My Common Sense is Tingling says:

      Who says?

      • Ai Muhao says:

        I'll happily admit this is stuff I picked up from review sites, Youtubers and the like. If it's not true, then I'll happily eat crow and admit I was wrong.

        But because of things like the whole "Strong female superhero" narrative it feels Disney and Marvel are pushing with Captain Marvel, I could easily see it being true. At the very least, I went from "Must see it immediately!" to "Let's wait till reviews come out." Like I said, I have a much bigger emotional attachment to Mar-Vell than I do Carol Danvers, so if he was just gender-swapped (as opposed to, say, simply being a deceased inspirational figure or a female Captain Mar-Vell is a successor), then I'd just pass on the movie. No diss on Carol as a character or anything, but for me the big pull was to see how they'd adapt Mar-Vell.

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