Transformers BotBots Slappyhappy review

Since the last time we reviewed a BotBot, three more factions have been added, bringing the total to 11. But this one, Slappyhappy, is a member of the Backpack Bunch, same as Cranks. She even comes from the same office supply store on Level 1.

Slappy is a ruler. A short pink ruler. Why pink? Do you ever think of rulers as being pink? I think of them as being orange. Or maybe yellow. But not pink. Why do I think that? I don't know, you tell me. Do it down in the comments. All these sentences are very short. Short enough to be measured with a ruler! Anyway, being pink makes it look more like an eraser than anything else, even with the white stripe down the center and the small black measurement lines marked all down the edges. We will say, however, that not making the lines match any real units seems like a missed opportunity.

BotBots are meant to be easy to transform, but Slappyhappy takes that to new levels: tilt the arms, tilt the kibble. Any less, and this would be "stand up to robot."

There's nothing more fun to Slappyhappy than keeping things in line. When things start to get a little crazy, she straightens them out with a WHAP! The more mayhem that's going on, the more fun it is to put a stop to it.

Nothing like a little physical abuse to lighten the mood in your kid-friendly toyline! The wings or flaps or whatever they are sticking off her back are clearly there just to turn the rectangle into something resembling a body, but they look out of place. Her eyes being a flat blue screen is also weird, since it kind of implies an electronic device. There are more hashmarks standing in for eyelashes or eyebrows, and she's got a great big smile painted on her face.

But despite all that nitpicking, Slappyhappy is a cute little BotBot and a lot of fun to play around with. Just what you want in a desk toy!

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4 Responses to Transformers BotBots Slappyhappy review

  1. James Lynch says:

    I worked in an office supply store for over a decade. Rulers come in a rainbow of colors.

    • yo go re says:

      Well, yeah, no question they DO - I've personally owned many a straightedge, from clear plastic to metal - but when someone says "ruler," your brain is still going to default to one of those colors, right?

      • Kevin J Griffin says:

        I'd imagine if you were a girl, who was likely to have had a pink ruler, your brain would jump to pink.

        Personally I don't recall ever having a plastic ruler of any color.

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