Zombie Lab - chapter 4

Chapter 4

In the report by WHO's independent journalist Marian after the event, they learnt about a group of unsung heroes after the second outbreak in 51 District. They were the police squad of 51 District - the first group of humans engaged in the battle against zombies.

When the outbreak happened, the lab's alarm immediately alerted the police station, which was only five minutes' walk away from the lab. Police officer Robin and his squadron were the first to arrive and helped a number of researchers escape from the lab. This also lured a large number of zombies to the police station. They all thought the station's surroundings and arsenal could contain the zombies, but it wasn't the case. In the end, the police blocked the zombie to hold off the zombies while they escorted the researchers to safety. Robin even managed to escape from the scene with Marian and took her to Tower 101.

To be continued...

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