Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Joe (In Memorium) review

Teach him a lesson, gents. Teach 'im all the way.

Joe and his group, The Claimers, were the main threat for the second half of Season 4 (you'll remember them as the guys Daryl hung out with after losing Beth), but that definitely required some expansion on the writers' part: the group they were based on in the comics appeared for only part of a single issue before getting dispatched by the good guys - so fast, in fact, that none of them even got any names! They were just three randos on the road who learned that there's always a bigger fish. (Never mess with the main characters.)

Joe was played by Jeff Kober, who's been in no shortage of nerdy programs - heck, he played two different characters on Buffy the Vampire Slayer alone! This Mini does a great job re-creating his goatee and floppy hair, and his nearly "Canadian Tuxedo" outfit works well in the desaturated style - the jeans are darker than the jean vest, and the boots and shirt are black. He's got an undynamic pose, with his pistol held down at his side. Usually the In Memorium characters are depicted at the moment of their death, but this one would need a chunk missing out of its neck and a torrent of blood pouring over his chest and shoulder.

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