Walking Dead Mystery Minis: Tara Chambler review

Fistbump with Walking Dead Wednesday.

Tara is, so far, the only Walking Dead main character who was introduced in a flashback. She's also the only one to come not from the comics, but from the books. Remember when we got the episodes about what The Governor had been up to after destroying the prison? That whole thing was based on the tie-in novel, and Tara was the younger sister of the woman the Gov started dating. She also out-survived everyone else, and was quickly accepted by the survivors despite being part of the Woodbury army.

Not since Series 2 Daryl have we gotten a figure who's this tense and guarded. She's armed with a black pistol, and she's holding it across her body, aiming it over her left hand (in which she's got a silver knife in a reverse grip). This girl is ready to defend herself! Her short brown hair makes her look like Maggie at first, but this dark outfit is exactly what Tara was wearing in the first two episodes (though she had an Uzi, not a pistol). There's mud painted on her shins, and rips above the knees.

Tara is one of the 1:12 figures in Series 4, meaning she can be found in every case, on the top layer in the back right corner.

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