Marvel Legends: Dani Moonstar exclusive review

Well, the people who buy stolen factory samples from China so they can be the first to have a figure have begun posting pictures of the Stepford Cuckoos, so let's take a look at the current Walgreens exclusive nobody can find.

Part of a group of young mutants, Dani Moonstar has the ability to conjure illusions based on her enemy's deepest fears.

Well, she used to - Mirage was one of the few "named" mutants to lose their powers on M-Day, though (like Storm before her) she proved completely capable of hanging with the team even without mutant abilities. Her powers had already been rewritten a couple times throughout her history, and she was initiated as a valkyrie after saving one of Odin's winged horses while on a trip to Asgaard, so getting a clean slate was probably in her favor. Of course, with the things currently happening in the X-Books thanks to Jonathan Hickman's House of X/Powers of X reboot, she may well be back among the ranks of the powered once again. RESEARCH MONTAGE!!! Yes she is! Happened before the reboot, too, in a long, convoluted series of events. Like we've said before, it really doesn't matter how.

No surprise this figure is made on an existing body. This particular costume is... most similar to the one she wore in New Mutants Vol. 3, though to really be accurate it would need fringe on the boots and a brown tactical belt with holsters (because she had no powers at the time, remember?), but that would have limited the toy's value - we'll get to that in a minute. The costume is appropriate for an X-Men team, a black suit with a giant yellow X covering the entire torso, and a small circular-X logo on the breast. The gloves and boots are new, with panels sculpted on the insides (so really the forearms and shins are new molds).

The head looks great. Dani has been given a very narrow face, but it doesn't look undersized for the figure, thanks to the way her hair falls around it: she doesn't tuck her hair behind her ears, instead letting it come down in front of them. It's then drawn back behind her shoulders in two long... well, are they braids, or are they just pulled into pigtails? What's going on under those red cloth wraps? Despite the fact that they're both sculpted with headbands, Dani's face is not the same mold as Dazzler.

The molds may be beginning to show their age: the wrists are tight where they're supposed to swivel in the forearms, and loose where they're supposed to hinge in the hands. Her accessories include a bow and arrow, because of course a Cheyenne character created in 1982 would use a bow and arrow; remember, this is two years before a US Army Staff Sergeant was given magical powers and a pet eagle, so the fact that she's not wearing a full feathered headdress into battle is a big, big win. (Although amusingly, she did eventually wear something along those lines, but it was because of Asgaard, not because she was a Native American.) The bow is a new mold, but surprisingly, the arrow is sourced from the unreleased swap figure - you can recognize it by the small knob at the end that allows the figure to hold it.

This set also includes parts to turn the figure into either Wolfsbane or Karma, meaning it's going to be three times as in-demand as regular, with people looking to have all of them on display at once. You know, like these exclusives weren't hard enough to find already.

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2 Responses to Marvel Legends: Dani Moonstar exclusive review

  1. Black Arbor says:

    "Well, the people who buy stolen factory samples from China so they can be the first to have a figure have begun posting pictures of the Stepford Cuckoos"

    Wait, what? People are find the Cuckoos at retail from what I can tell... I honestly haven't seen a Hasbro factory sample leak in a while...

  2. Peter says:

    Rahne playing tug-of-war with your socks is hilarious and adorable.

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