Transformers BotBots Chef Nada review

The Transformers BotBots no longer come with maps showing them partying in the mall where they live, so maybe one of the extra Greaser Gang restaurants in the earlier series has gone out of business, to be replaced by a Latin American eatery where Los Deliciosos can live and spread their spicy fun.

Pretty much every culture in the world has independently developed some form of pocket pie - Russian pirozhki, Polish pierogis, Ukranian knyshes, Cornish pasties, French chausson aux pommes, Chinese pot stickers, Greek kolokotes, Italian calzones, Arabic sambusak, even American Pop-Tarts - but today we're worried about the Galicia region of Spain, the ancestral home of empanadas. This little half-moon shaped pie is one of the fried variety, not baked, judging by the blistering evident on the outer shell. The edge has even been crimped! There's no telling what kind of filling it has, unless you want to count "robot" as a flavor.

BotBots are not hard to convert. All you have to do for Chef Nada is pull down the legs, swing the arms into place, and lower the panel that covers her face.

Step into the kitchen with Chef Nada! She's the most talented baker bot around, and bots far and wide come to enjoy her signature pastries. They're so yummy, not even she can resist them! Being stuffed with so many samples of her sweet treats makes her pretty tired and she sometimes she drifts off into a happy food coma - good thing she's so good she can bake in her sleep!

So a bad empanada can teach you about history, but a good empanada can teach you about baking? Got it. The figure's balance isn't great, because you've got a large, dense torso resting on top of legs that are set behind the mid-point of the body - you'll have to fiddle around a bit to find a good balance point. The fact that the arms reach the ground helps, if you want to use them. Nada is painted with a truly massive smile on her face, and a band across the forehead that I think is supposed to represent the lower edge of a chef's hat. The chest is designed like a chef's uniform, a white jacket and dark pants. So cute! The official shots showed the hands painted white as well, but that app got dropped before production.

Chef Nada is available blind-packed as #15, or in a Movie Moguls 8-pack. The mold was also used to make Series 5's Goldim Sum.

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