Transformers BotBots Fottle Barts & Must Turd reviews

The Greaser Gang has been part of Transformers BotBots since the start. If you look at the map of the mall from back then, you'll see they hung out at a restaurant on the second floor and a hot dog stand on the ground floor - naturally, that one's where you'd find today's 'bot.

Call me old-fashioned, but I believe marriage should be between one ketchup bottle and another ketchup bottle. (A little "sidework" joke there for all our waitstaff readers.) This bottle is shaped more like a barrel, nearly as wide as it is tall. We can tell it's a container of ketchup because it's red - there are no labels or anything, but then, when are there? You go to a restaurant (remember those?) and most times there's just a featureless plastic squeeze bottle on the table; only fancy places break out the Heinz, and only psychopaths use Hunt's. The bottle's lid is black, and the ultra-wide nozzle on top is back to red.

BotBots are not difficult to convert. For this one, all you do is fold down the legs, flip open a panel concealing the face, and pull the arms out and swing them down into position.

Fottle Barts would be the perfect sidekick, if not for the toots. And the farts. And the constant passing of the gas. He's constantly puttering like a lawn mower. Try not to mention the noise, or the smell. He's very self-conscious.

Constantly farting? Val, is that you? A "spoonerism" is a type of malapropism, named after Rev. William Archibald Spooner of Oxford University, in which corresponding sounds in paired words are switched - for instance, this character being named Fottle Barts instead of Bottle Farts. The expression on his face seems to be one of discomfort and embarrassment, fittingly. The face sits so low on the body that the flap which reveals it pretty much brushes the ground and hides his tiny tiny legs.

Fottle Barts is available in two Greaser Gang 8-packs and a Jock Squad 8-pack, all from Series 1. And then the mold showed up again in Series 2...

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2 Responses to Transformers BotBots Fottle Barts & Must Turd reviews

  1. ridureyu says:

    Mustard is my favorite.

    Also, Frederick the Great took his coffee with powdered mustard. I've tried it...

  2. Flint Paper says:

    Used to have a bar we went to for trivia night that had labeled ketchup and mustard bottles on the tables. Only thing wrong with that was that the yellow mustard bottle was Heinz and the red ketchup bottle was French's. They were otherwise identical; somewhat disconcerting.

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