Power Rangers King Sphinx addendum

Power Rangers Lightning Collection King Sphinx is mostly good, but is missing an important paint app:

the toy as it's sold the toy as it should be, with a black nose and mouth

It seems like it would be easy enough to customize, but why was it skipped in the first place? As yo said, the image Hasbro used to announce the figure took the time to point out that the face would be painted, but the final product is not.

Wouldn't it have been better to cut one of the blue highlights on the arms or legs?

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One Response to Power Rangers King Sphinx addendum

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Man, what a change adding black to the nose and the inside of the mouth makes.

    It's like... I dunno, how sometimes doing that "using shoe polish as a black wash" trick makes a toy look so much better thanks to bringing out more of the detail (e.g. the skull face of Robots in Disguise Bludgeon, for example).

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