DC Bombshells Mystery Minis - Green Lantern exclusive review

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Like we've said before, there are no male heroes in the world of DC's Bombshells. So while Hal Jordan does exist, he never got a Green Lantern ring: a Star Sapphire ring came to Earth, with a GL ring close behind; the pink ring found Carol Ferris first, and she punched her copilot, Hal, causing their plane to veer and the green ring to ping off its hull, careening into Los Angeles' Chavez Ravine. Police officer Jessica Cruz saw the crash and went to investigate, and so she became Earth's first Green Lantern.

Jessica was still a fairly new character when Bombshells opted to tackle her, meaning she didn't have much of a personality for them to base her design on, so after a few unsatisfying attempts, Ant Lucia and art director Brian Walters went back to the fundamental idea behind the Green Lantern Corps, that they were space-cops. She's wearing a uniform that appears to be based on Guy Gardner's "jacket and boots" look, with a tiny police cap on top of her head. A pair of bright green ring construct handcuffs hang from her belt, and she's made a "Go" sign with her ring. She's holding her lantern out in her left hand, and it's designed like an old-fashioned traffic light. Clever!

Green Lantern is a Specialty Series exclusive, so she was only available in cases that went to places like your local comicshop. As with the other two, she's available in a 1:12 ratio.

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