Elf Advent Calendar review

Told you the Gremlins wouldn't be the only advent calendar we had this year.

Buddy picks up all kinds of friends as he navigates his way from the North Pole to Manhattan!

The front of the box is a festive red and green, with the silhouetted movie logo in the center and informative facts called out on yellow ornaments.

The front panel folds down, creating a diorama of a winter wonderland: fold up trees, candy canes, and mounds of snow on the ground, and several gingerbread-style houses in the back. The front has the ice floe that would transport Buddy away from his current life. The numbered compartments are a bit more organized than the Gremlins' were, which makes sense. Let's pop open Door #1 and see what we get!

Hmm, starting slowly. It's a sign for the North Pole, just in case you forgot where Santa lives. It's about 1¾" tall, with a clear base to keep it standing. The pole is red and white striped, with a brown sign and a golden ball on top. Some snow has fallen on it, and icicles hang from the bottom.

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