Soon Forget: Transformers BotBots Series 6

This is the latest in a series (of indefinite length and regularity) of blog posts memorializing cancelled toys. Our figure today is Hasbro's BotBots Series 6.

Series 6 was first hinted at at Toy Fair 2020, where a new pair of "Surprise Unboxing" sets were shown: a toilet and a treasure chest. Those were planned for release in Summer 2020, but failed to appear.

Hasbro gave no further comment on the status of the series, but eventually a PDF checklist was found on their customer service site, revealing the full lineup, including several new tribes:

Additionally, the chart showed a slightly redesigned version of the Playroom Posse faction symbol:

There's still been no official comment, and we can hope some news will come out of this year's Toy Fair next month, but for now we have to consider the series cancelled.

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3 Responses to Soon Forget: Transformers BotBots Series 6

  1. Harrison Schweiloch says:
    • Harrison Schweiloch says:

      (I mean it’s sad that there is still a global pandemic that made them cancel Toy Fair - not sad that they made the safer choice to cancel it)

      • Ai Muhao says:

        A pity, but it's the only logical course of action, really. I mean, at the end of the day they're just toys, the same way that you don't _need_ movies or award shows or whatever.

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