Walking Dead Mystery Minis: T-Dog (In Memorium) review

Wouldn't that be the way? World gone to hell, the dead risen up to eat the living, and Theodore Douglas gets done in by Walking Dead Wednesday.

Theodore "T-Dog" Douglas was The Walking Dead's second Only Black Man, being introduced after Morgan was forgotten about. He had no comicbook counterpart, and was originally only supposed to appear in a few episodes at the start of the series, but ended up lasting all the way until Season 3. Eventually they even started giving him things like "character growth" and "lines of dialogue." Exotic! We can understand making a two-dimensional character when you don't think they're going to be around past Episode 4, but maybe it was time to start fleshing him out when you realized he was still here in the middle of Season 2?

Usually, these Walking Dead "In Memorium" Mystery Minis show their characters at or near the moment of death, but that's most emphatically not the case here. Okay, some of them are way after the death, but this isn't that, either. The figure is just posed standing there, with a pistol in one hand and his post-apocalyptic weapon of choice, a fireplace poker, in the other. He's wearing one of the armored vests the group got at the prison, which he wasn't wearing when he died. Basically, this feels like a normal figure they had in development, then dropped into this line because they needed to pad it out. Which kind of makes us re-evaluate Dale and Lori, too.

T-Dog was available in a 1:36 ratio, swapping the top front right corner spot with Sophia and Joe.

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