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Guess who's back! Back again. MotU Minis are back; tell a friend!

Mattel is really pushing hard to get Masters of the Universe back into the public consciousness, and Walmart seems to be their delivery system: it started with the retro-styled WWE figures, and now is beginning to move on to actual MotU figures. There are old designs with new articulation, plus the rebranded "Eternia Minis," made up of cancelled Series 2 figures. And also new versions of He-Man and Skeletor.

The MotU Minis did feature versions of He-Man and Skeletor, but not normal ones: Mattel, being just awful at everything they tried, had already made an SDCC set of the two of them (in the wrong scale), so they went with the "Battle Armor" costumes instead.

He-Man uses the same arms and legs as the older version, but gets a new chest (duh) and a new head that's still squinting and grimacing, but is showing more of his teeth. HIs legs don't match the rest of his skin, so it looks like he's wearing pantyhose. The only accessory is the Power Sword - while the MotU Minis all had two accessories, the Eternia Minis each only get one.

They're also not sold in two-packs this time, despite the fact that we're reviewing these two together; this time they're single-packed.

Like He-Man, Skeletor reuses a few parts: although he's ditched the metal breastplate for his usual strappy chest-harness, the arms and legs are the same he had before. Hey, is that why the old figure has the leather skirt instead of the fur undies? Way to plan ahead, guys! It's hard to tell if the head is reused; the colors here are inspired by the cartoon, so his skull is yellow, rather than spooky green. His one accessory is his magical ram staff.

The Minis only swivel at the neck, waist, and shoulders. Yes, despite the shoulders looking like they should be balljoints. The packaging is a tiny version of Castle Grayskull, with pegs on top for the figure's feet. It's just a two-piece shell molded in green, but at least you don't have to buy a bunch of them to complete a BAF, right?

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