Fortnite: Back Board (Banana & Cuddle) review

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During Season 9 of Fortnite, there was a set of challenges tied in with the "Downtown Drop" game mode. "Downtown Drop" was a collaboration between Fortnite and Nike, in which you slid down hills collecting coins. As you completed challenges, you unlocked rewards - the first being the Back Board Back Bling, a skateboard that just stuck to your back. As you completed more challenges, more styles were unlocked for it, allowing you to customize its design. And it's still getting new styles today, with the most recent being rewarded in September right now as this is being posted.

Needing to get some more Fortnite product out, Hasbro released little "counter dump" style packs. Each of them contains two versions of the Back Board - an easy thing, since it's just a question of stamping different decos on the bottom of a shared mold. This set, for example, features the Banana & Cuddle patterns, boards based on Peely and Cuddle Team Leader, respectively.

The actual board is a little over 2⅞" long, and features rolling wheels - yellow ones on the Banana board, and pink on Cuddle. There are two footpegs on top, and a rough texture like a real skateboard would have.

The set also include an actual backpack, which is something made up for the toy: the in-game Back Board just sticks to the character's back with no visible support. This giant pack is black, with a silver zipper running over the top, and a couple pins down in the lower left corner. There are two elastic strips that you can slip the board into. A toy backpack can be cool, but it would be cooler if it were actually something from the game. They could have saved time (and upped the accuracy) by just making some little device that would attach to the footpegs and plug into the figures' back.

A really neat feature of these sets is the packaging. It's reversible! Open it up entirely, fold it inside-out, tab everything back together, and you've got a little skate ramp that looks like it's built out of Fortnite's style of building materials! Fun!

In addition to this set of boards, there's also one featuring the "Food" and "Slurp" styles. And this is such an easy way to deliver a bunch of accessories, we'll probably see more in the future.

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