Dungeons & Dragons: Bobby and Uni's stats

From the Dungeons & Dragons Animated Series Handbook, here are Bobby's stats:

"Bobby is the youngest of the group and the most impetuous. Swift to anger and always ready for a fight, Bobby makes a perfect barbarian despite his small size. Although strong for his age, Bobby gets most of his strength from his thunder club, and he greatly fears both appearing and being weak."

And, because the handbook was exhaustive, Uni's:

"The gang met Uni not long after entering the Realm. Bobby and Uni formed an instant bond, and the two remain inseparable. Uni is a young unicorn and doesn't yet possess all of a grown unicorn's powers. Even so, she can be very useful to the adventurers, though she sometimes gets herself into trouble."

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One Response to Dungeons & Dragons: Bobby and Uni's stats

  1. Ai Muhao says:

    Now that we have the stats of 3 of the kids (and Uni), I do wonder how well they stack up to Venger's stats. Like, would they stand a fighting chance with just Hank, Diana and Bobby?

    It really wouldn't surprise me if the stats were specifically designed so that with all of the kids, they'd actually stand a chance against Venger together.

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