Final Faction: Alpha Team Cyberarms Weapons Pack exclusive review

Shift and Scope weren't the only ones to get specialized Weapons Packs in Series 2 of the Final Faction toys: team spy Torn also had a dedicated set, though it's very odd and not really what you'd normally think of as being conducive to sneaky infiltration types. It also isn't something that's appeared on the cartoon yet, but considering where he was left off last time, he may find it (or something similar) soon.

Cybernetic harness that connects to users via a neural network and supports multiple extensions.

This is the main "body" of the set, assembled from five pieces after you open it: the black backpack, a pair of gray support struts, and then a long, black arm on each side. Getting the pieces together is tough, a real pain on the fingers. Once you do, though, the struts are on balljoints, so they can swing around wherever, and the arms are on swivels on the ends of that. The detailing on the pieces isn't extraordinary, but neither are they plain, bare plastic. This is clearly a mechanical device with moving parts, even if a lot of those parts are just decorative.

Multi-purpose grappling arms.

"Arms" is misleading here, because the arms are part of the Psyber pack; these are more multi-purpose grappling "hands." These big gray claws aren't articulated, so they can't really grip anything unless it's sized for the spread they already have, but they doo look impressive. They plug into the tips of the arms, so they look ready to be grabby little machines.

The rest of the accessories in the pack are small gray weapons that plug into the "wrists" of the harness. There's the Death's Kiss, a high-powered psionic scimitar; Cleaver, the double edged axe for hand-to-hand combat; Emancipator, a deadly blade with diamond edged teeth; and Talon, swift and silent, a sharp and penetrating weapon. So sword, axe, chainsaw, and punching dagger. They can all fit into any of the four spots, and are long enough to reach past the Grappler claws - in other words, he could grab something with the claw, then swing any of the weapons around to cut it off.

The full Cyberarms set-up is a weird thing. Like, you remember when old toylines would have some budget-priced "vehicle" that was just a wind-up backpack any figure could wear, but they'd pretend it was a real piece of equipment someone would want to use? It's that kind of vibe here. This doesn't look like a piece of equipment Torn would use, it looks like something he's inside. On the plus side, all four of the bonus weapons in this set use the same tabs as Torn's regular blades, meaning you can plug any of these into his forearms if you want! The backpack part of this set may be a little goofy, but the four little blades do add some nice value to the existing Torn toy.

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  1. graznador says:

    This backpack looks great on the Classified B.A.T.

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