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This fellow has been on a long, cosmic trip to get to you. Of course, being a pint-sized version of a mythological creature hell bent on destruction, he may be a bit of a handful. But all he needs is a bit of love!

It's been a while since we looked at any of Cryptozoic Entertainment's Cryptkins, but then, it's been a while since they've looked at the line, themselves. This mini is from way back in Series 1, and shows the Baby Elder God sitting rather politely, with his hand held carefully in front of him, but still behind his four curled mouth-tentacles. He has a small tail, an itsy pair of wings on his back, and finned ears like Abomination. His big red eyes contrast against the green skin nicely, and there are patches of lighter green and even yellow on his tummy, feet, wings, ears, and mouth. A series of dark speckles adorn the top of his head.

Bagged separately inside the box with each figure is a small card with art of the Cryptkin on one side and biographical facts (well, "facts") on the other: name, full-grown height/weight, descriptions, diet, and habitat and range, with a map of the world to help drive that last one home. No surprise Cthulhu's range is shown to be the entire Pacific Ocean. Cthulhu's art shows him standing on a large rock in front of jagged mountains and surrounded by raging seas, with with lightning flashing through the sky. Very suitable.

There were several chase versions of this figure available, beginning with the "Cosmic Cthulhu" available in the normal cases. Same molds, but a semi-translucent dark purple plastic with sparkles inside it. There was also a bright green "Irradiated Cthulhu" at SDCC 2018, and a dark "Black Magic Cthulhu" exclusively at Hot Topic. When Cryptozoic tried turning Cryptkins into a line of 6" vinyl figures, Cthulhu was there, too, but that one is standing up and looking for a hug.

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