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You'll think those legends about him terrifying a small town are just ridiculous after you meet this sweet fellow! Still, you should probably warn your neighbors about your red-eyed, high-flying little friend before nefarious rumors around him begin again.

Ah yes, Mothman, the cryptid that has wings, only appears at night, has eyes that reflect headlights in the dark, and is the exact same height as a large owl perching on a street sign. Truly a mystery for the ages! We're not going to be too hard on the people of West Virginia, though: when you have the opportunity to be known for something other than obstructionist senators and getting overlooked as being the actual birthplace of the steamboat (suck it, Robert Fulton, you second-place loser!), you grab it and hold on for all you're worth. The real Mothman is described as having his face in his chest, rather than a separate head; this toy changes that, giving him cute tufts of fur on his cheeks, a snout of some sort, and feathery arctian antennae. The wings are shaped like a bat's, but sculpted (by Sam Greenwell) like feathers. There are little horned eyebrows over the red eyes, and an avian tail. Because he's sitting down, we don't get to see if he has a finely toned butt.

Bagged separately inside the box with each figure is a small card with art of the Cryptkin on one side and biographical facts (well, "facts") on the other: name, full-grown height/weight, descriptions, diet, and habitat and range, with a map of the world to help drive that last one home. Which is kind of pointless, since the Mothman only ever appeared in a single town too small to appear on a world map. The art shows him standing in some spooky woods - wouldn't it have made more sense to put him near a bridge, owing to his well-documented concern for civic infrastructure?

Mothman got a variant in the first series of Cryptkins: "Twilight Mothman" traded the black body for white, and had different antennae. This one is one of the 10 base characters in the set, so it's available just as often as its dark cousin.

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2 Responses to Cryptkins: Mothman review

  1. huh says:

    It's too bad they released these figures JUST before Mothman became a popular internet meme.

  2. My Common Sense is Tingling says:

    Wouldn't a baby moth man be a caterpillar?

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