NECA Ultimate Dog Creature addendum

Like we said in today's review, NECA's Ultimate The Thing Dog Creature features an instruction sheet, though it's a bit less than clear. We made this chart to help.

  1. This one plugs into the "under mouth" beneath the body; there's a gap between the teeth that allows it to poke out to the front and still allow the body to rest flat on the ground.
  2. So in the review, yo asked why NECA didn't just number the arms on the sheet to match the numbers on the tray, and it seems the answer is "because not every slot in the tray gets a number." There is no 2, so we just assigned it to the tentacle that splits in two for convenience's sake. This one plugs in by the butt, on the back side.
  3. There is also no #3, so this number just comes via the process of elimination. This one plugs into the extra "neck," on the stalk closest to the body.
  4. This one goes into the back side of the body, almost on the underside right near the joint.
  5. We called this one 5 because it's shaped most like a five out of the three unnumbered arms. It goes into the last hole on the front side of the body.
  6. Right between #5 and the leg.
  7. On the front stalk of the neck.
  8. In the solitary hole directly on the neck instead of a stalk.
  9. Opposite #4, between the leg and the body joint.

The "neck" piece is packaged separately from the rest of the body, and will need to be plugged in (as will the tongue that goes into the center of the opened face). The giant arms fit into the back when you remove one of the small legs, and there's a hole on the back of the arm piece where that leg can be reattached.

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  1. yo go re says:

    I did finally fix the wonky leg problem on the second dog creature: pulled the leg out as usual, which took the barbell with it. Dropped the whole thing into boiling water for a minute, put it back onto the body, then carefully pulled the leg off again. Since the barbell is hard ABS plastic, being in the hot water didn't soften it, but the leg is PVC, so it got very pliable. Once it was off the joint, I scraped a little plastic from the inside of the socket to make it larger, so now it pulls off the balljoint before the other balljoint pulls out of the body. Simple enough!

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