Transformers: Studio Series Bonecrusher addendum

Today's review of the Target-exclusive Buzzworthy Bumblebee Studio Series N.E.S.T. Bonecrusher mentioned that Transformers with that name have typically turned into either super-sturdy working vehicles or buffaloes. But did you know there was almost a Transformer who would have been both?

According to an eBay listing for some original concept art, there was at some point during Generation 1 going to be a sub-line known as "Motor World," and that line would have included a character who was half dump truck, half bison. Perhaps "Motor World" was a planet where all the native life was vehicle-based? No one knows, but it makes as much sense as anything else.

Quite unfortunately, the name this conceptual cross-blending was assigned was... "Buffalo-Dump."

We pray to god that was just an early placeholder name, chosen because it specifically described his two halves. Surely no one actually thought "Buffalo-Dump" was a tenable name? And eventually someone at Hasbro would have had the wherewithal to change it before release, right?

Change it to "Bonecrusher," maybe.

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2 Responses to Transformers: Studio Series Bonecrusher addendum

  1. Black Arbor says:

    Your Bonecrusher review has a lot of typos, just a heads up

  2. Ai Muhao says:

    Huh. That's definitely a design that doesn't look out of place in a Brave series like Brave Express Mightgaine or Brave Police J-Decker.

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