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Marauder Task Force Gaming Figures

And now, some more OAFEry:Monkey Boy - Toys for the NOW GI Joe and the Transformers #7 GI Joe Movie Watch: Day of the Ninja It's over 10,000! On the subject of the GI Joe Club and its subscriptions

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Joe Friday customs

Here, take a look at these: Nice, aren't they? Somebody's made G3 updates of old toys, but you can't quite place them, can you? They almost look familiar, but they're not any Joes you can remember. There's a good reason … Continue reading

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A Joe Friday announcement

You're probably familiar with The Corps!, the line of GI Joe-knockoffs that look like they should be sold exclusively in drug stores. These days you'll often see them hanging next to the real Joes in the toy aisles, which is … Continue reading

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