Article: "Action Figures Drive Sales Without a License"

We here at OAFE strive to offer you, the discriminating toy collector, with the sort of information you won't find at any other toy websites.

And so, allow us to point out this article, "Action Figures Drive Sales Without a License" in TDmonthly, a toy trade magazine. The article discusses the inherent difficulties in selling original-concept toy lines (toys that aren't tied in with a cartoon, movie, or comic book). It's an interesting (if brief) piece, but it provides a glimpse of what's going on in the industry.

We also came across this fascinating article, "Age Compression Challenges Action Figure Sales," which suggests that today's children are abandoning "traditional" toys such as action figures in favor of videogames and other interactive entertainments. A rather obvious observation, but it's an interesting article nonetheless. It also states that adult collectors currently account for 14% of the action figure market.

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