One last "After Life"/"Attack of the Living Dead" post

In our review of the great little Mez-Itz Monsters Series 2, we mentioned that one of the character, Dr. Mezitstein, was mentioned in the backstory of the After Life/Attack of the Living Dead line. Since Poe didn't actually provide this tiny bit of promo copy anywhere in the reviews, I decided to link it here:

We are all doomed. Our AfterLife experiments have gone horribly wrong. We have unleashed something vile upon our planet... with no known way of stopping it. All internal complex defenses have been breached and the outside world is in chaos.

Taking a last course of action, Dr. Mezitstein and myself have locked ourselves in the mess hall's walk-in freezer with what files we could obtain on AFTERLIFE. Oh the irony: become a human Popsicle or become a walking corpse? Or even worse, eaten alive by one of them. We don't know how it works. I can only hope what data we have salvaged helps save humanity...

Damn, my pen's ink is freezing up... and I can hear them coming. Abominable creations running into pots and pans; working their way to meat. But oh no, unlike the bone cold of this icebox or my unreliable Bic, they just don't stop. They just won't stop. Please forgive us for what we have unleashed...

Creepy! Suits the toys. And apparently Mez's own little glass-headed mad scientist was in on it...

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