I hate to do this

I'm generally not one to brag, hard as that may be to believe. And I hate to say "I told you so." But hey, I told you so.

You may remember that I got a bit... pissy, to be entirely honest, in a recent blog post. It was the complaints about Hasbro Legends Series 2 that set me off. Everyone was bitching about the prototype photos shown in the newest issue of ToyFare magazine, and I said you can't judge them yet because they were old photos.

Now we have word from Jesse Falcon himself. And what did he say?

Those pictures are of handmade samples form Hong Kong. Those samples do not represent the finished deco or the finished placement of parts at this time. It was a bit of a slip up that those samples were photographed for press release. ... The samples that I received were better in a lot of ways ... but there are still some tweaks that need to be made before they're ready to ship.

Gee, imagine that. Who ever would have guessed?

So all I ask, really, is that you make sure you have all the information before you start making blanket statements. Hasbro Legends 2 might suck, but no one knows it yet...

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