OAFEnet Update for Thursday, November 16

Tell St. Peter at the pearly gates, that you hate to make him wait, but you've gotta have another OAFEnet Email Update.

  • If you have a really good figure, but it's got one truly glaring error, what does that make it? A good figure with a bad fault, or a bad figure with some good points? Decide for yourself. Anyone have any tips for performing a shoulder swap?
  • News like this makes me sad that the World of Springfield line is dead.
  • Hollywood loves an unoriginal idea. One film hits it big, and suddenly the studios are falling all over themselves to copy it and, when possible, pump out nonsensical sequels. They're never going to stop as long as people keep paying to see them, though. The current major offender is this guy.
  • This week's Transformers Tuesday might be the most cost-efficient one we've looked at yet. You might be able to buy this one with the change left over from buying lunch.
  • Some annoying news for Transformers fans. Hope you don't mind getting your new toys already opened and defaced.
  • It's almost "Toy of the Year" time, and we've got a whole new section of our message board set up to get your votes for what you liked best. Come tell us about the best and worst of 2006.
  • Our next two reviews have something in common - they both dress like Captain Marvel: Captain Marvel One and Captain Marvel Two.
  • And finally, Poe phased in from the spirit plane with word from your ancestors - they tell you to wash your hands more, oddly enough. Guess you have plenty of time to worry about the small things when you're dead. He also had this new review for us.
  • Want to make gift shopping easier for your friends and families? Post your holiday wishlist here and then send them the link. Try to be sneaky about it. Maybe dump it in the middle of a weekly email update of some sort. That'd be clever, and never at all seem out of place. Somebody buy me some toys.
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