OAFEnet Update for Thursday, December 14

It's time to sing Christmas carols with the OAFEnet Email Update.

  • Our first review may have wings, but he's no angel. And if you try to sit him on top of your tree, he'll probably beat your butt.
  • After that, we took a look at one half of a two-pack. Why only one half? Because the other half was a retread of something we already reviewed months ago.
  • Speaking of things that have already been reviewed, yo has the new X-Treme X-Men Rogue available for trade. You want her? She's MOC, and she can be yours.
  • How would you like to meet a hot, leather-clad blonde tv star who really knows how to get lucky? Well, you can either watch Entertainment Tonight or read this review.
  • It's an old joke that there are no black guys in sci-fi. Come on, don't be so shallow. Skin color doesn't matter - it's what's inside that counts. Especially when what's inside is a little snake in your belly.
  • Do you know anything about block figures? Your knowledge is needed!
  • Prepare yourself for our most disturbing figure of the week. Yes, one of the pictures is ugly, but we couldn't even put the really scary picture in the body of the review - we had to make it a link. Wait half an hour after eating before you visit.
  • This week's requisite Christmas review is a long one: seven characters and a playset. Plus a link to our blog, where you'll find a post about secret yuletide history.
  • What's your favorite holiday movie? Tell everyone.
  • Our last review of the week is yet another Marvel Legend. As you may recall, we're doing one figure from ML14 or 15 every even-numbered day this month. In all honesty, I didn't think we'd make it this far without screwing things up. Are you as surprised as we are?

Next week? More Legends! More Christmas! Be there!

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