The wonders of an advertising budget

I just saw an add for the new Spider-Man product from Hasbro - the dancing thing, the Mr. Potato Head, the iDog, Superhero Squad, action figures...everything. Apparently there's going to be some big release this Saturday - the Web Slinger Weekend, which I guess is sort of like the Star Wars "Midnight Madness" things, but less structured. If you haven't been able to find any Spidey 3 toys yet, go to Target, Wal*Mart or TRU this weekend and you should be rolling in them.

Anyway, the important thing is the fact that Spidey's being advertised at all. I realize it's mostly because the movie is on its way, but do you remember ever seeing a commercial from ToyBiz? Hasbro's a bigger company, so they have the budget to do that kind of thing. It's just cool, is all...

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