Geek Speak: Transformer Size Classes

When you read about Transformers online, you will often see people mentioning different size classes. Without any frame of reference, terms like Leader, Deluxe and Supreme don't mean much. However, it's actually a pretty clever scheme.

Hasbro divides the TFs into size classes to make things easier not just for themselves, but all around. On Hasbro's side, assigning a character-to-be to a size class lets them know how much money they can spend on development and production. On the retailer's side, each size class has a set packaging size, so when they sell out, the retailer can just pull another case out of the back and fill the shelf without having to do a reset. For fans, you know how much something is going to cost before you even head to the store. It's very convenient, all around.

Problem is, the terms are just random words, and the meanings are never really publicized. Here, then, is a handy list of the names, their meaning, and their general price range*:

  • Supreme Class
    • extra large
      • $50
  • Leader Class
    • large
      • $45
  • Voyager Class
    • medium large
      • $20
  • Deluxe Class
    • medium
      • $10
  • Scout Class
    • small
      • $7
  • Legend Class
    • extra small
      • $4

The names seem to change fairly regularly, but this has been the designation for Cybertron, Classics and now the movie toys, so maybe they'll stick with it for a while. But really, why the weird names? Why not just small, medium, large and so on?

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  1. OAFE says:

    *as of this posting. Prices go up all the time, so remember, these were 2006/7 prices.

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