OAFEnet Update for Thursday, July 19

The OAFEnet Email Update has soul, but is not a soldier.

Bit of a Star Wars theme this week. Why? Because we can. No special reason. Nothing particularly "Star Warsy" was happening in the real world this week. Just us.

  • We actually started this week with two new items. Since we didn't have a review on Friday, we doubled up on the special features. First was a new custom figure; a Star Wars custom figure (which is for sale).
  • And secondly, we added a new term to our toy glossary. Although it's technically not a toy term at all, just one we use a lot in the reviews. Expand your vocab!
  • Want to help people find the toys they want, and clear off your local shelves at the same time? We've got folks looking for Sigma 6, Alternators and even Figure Factory. Get shopping!
  • Just in case you felt cheated by all that, we threw out an extra custom on Saturday - this one was even decided by popular vote! This one isn't for sale, but yo will make you one if you want it. Just ask.
  • Okay, finally, here's a review. And since we made you wait, it's a double - two figures in one shot. Sure, they're similar to one another, but it's still a duo with differences. Irreconcilable differences!
  • Have you seen the newest DC Minimates announcement? There are some truly unexpected figures in this assortment.
  • Now, you'd think with our Star Wars theme, we'd have done one of the Star Wars Transformers for this week's Transformers Tuesday. Nope! Regular figure. Weird, huh? It is, however, one of the very best TFs ever released (according to at least one of our readers). Do you agree? Find out.
  • Thursday's new review was also a double shot, but this one had vehicles, too! So they can go for a nice leisurely ride in the park, perhaps?
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