Flippin' Through Previews - August '07

It's time once again to thumb through the toy section of this month's Previews, and see what goodies we can uncover. Scheduled to start shipping in October.

On page 130, DC Direct lists Justice League of America series 2, featuring Hawkgirl, Dr. Impossible, Batman and Amazo. Amazo has a removable torso, if that's your sort of thing. And honestly, we've already got better versions of Hawkgirl and Batman.

A fourth series of ReActivated figures is next, with Golden Age versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman and Hawkman.

DC Minimates Series 7 is listed on page 132. The sets include Gorilla Grodd/Flash, Ambush Bug/Lobo, Starfire/Nightwing and Clayface/Batman. Nice assortment!

Spawn 175 continues the story of toy-faorite Gunslinger Spawn, so if you're interested, turn to page 158.

On page 164/5, thee's a spread of Spawn Series 32: The Advntures of Spawn Series 2. Wow, what a stupid name. And hey, itfits with the stupid cartoon designs. Okay, that's not fair - the designs are good, it's just the execution that's stupid.

Because the Simpsons product has gone through a huge delay, the Lard Lad boxed set is listed again on page 166.

Dragons Series 7 shows up on page 168. We're getting a couple repaints, for some reason, as well as a variant. A variant dragon? Why? The deluxe boxed fig this time is a three-headed hydra.

One of the greatest football players ever is now available in 12" form. Walter Payton leaps onto page 170.

McFarlane is trying something new for their football figures: Ultimate Team Sets. What's that mean? It's the entire offensive line, shown just before the snap. The teams available are the Broncos, the Cowboys, the Giants and Da Bears!

How the Grinch Stole Christmas toys? Really? Okay. Page 172.

And for you bondage fans, there's 12" of Twisted Oz: Dorothy goodness on page 174.

Two Marvel Minimates sets are listed on page 195: Zombie Iron Man/Black Panther and Taskmaster/USAgent. This isn't a new series, just two exclusives released at the same time.

Hey, here's rare gem you might miss: on page 289, Dynamic Forces has an exclusive Legendary Heroes Bloody Marv. Yes, that's the Marv from Marvel Toys' upcoming new line. He has a variant that no one knew about. Something else no one knew about? "Get ready, this is just a taste of what you will see next year from Frank Miller's Sin City line of action figures from Dynamic Forces." Wha?!

This month's selection in the Classic Marvel Figurine Collection includes Cyclops, Ultron, Mysterio and Deadpool. Page 380.

We're onto page 439 of the toy section before we get to anything good, and that's Superhero Squad. Two new deluxe sets - Beast/Apocalypse and Ultimate Iron Man/Giant Man - and a new series of Spider-Man 3 sets, including new characters such as Mysterio, Black Cat, the Puma, Kraven, the Vulture and Sandman.

Love Clone Troopers and battle droids? Then turn to page 445 for the Star Wars: Battlefront II 14-figure set. Tha's a lot of awesome figures in one fell swoop.

Page 447 has some new Transformers that haven't been announced anywhere before: Real Gear Robots are getting a pair of repaints (the mp3 player and the cellphone) and two new offerings (a videogame controller and a watch). Robot Heroes is getting four sets of movie figures, including everybody's favorite, Frenzy!

NECA is also on page 447, with S Mart Ash, Hare Krishna Zombie and Castlevania Series 1 Let's hope those are all easier to find than their predecessors were. Series 1 of The Lost Boys is on the next page, right above the new Tomb Raider Anniversary figure (which is really more of a statue).

Wondering what's next for the GI Joe 25th Anniversary figures? There's a list on page 448, and it includes such mainstays as Beachhead, Lady Jaye, Serpentor and Buzzer. Nice!

Do we really need ANOTHER Kingdom Hearts' Sora variation? Page 489 thinks so.

Hot diggety daffodil! Look at the Alien Kubrics on page 499 - it's got Ripley in a powerloader! Too awesome! Also too expensive. Bunch more on the next page, too.

BBC's Robin Hood may have been a bit cheesy, but it's still getting its own figures. The 5"ers are on page 500, and the 12"ers on 501.

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