OAFEnet Update for Thursday, August 16

The OAFEnet Email Update: now DRM-free!

We've got a double-update for you this time, because last week we didn't send one. So settle in for a lot of new reading material.

  • We begin with a long-awaited set of figures. Like, decades long. These are the toys we've been waiting for since we were kids, but was the wait worth it? Only one place to find out.
  • Sometimes, the things you remember from your youth have to change. Usually, those changes are met with resistance, but they're not always bad. Sometimes, they're downright decent, if you can get past your own expectations.
  • The first of this OEU's Transformers Tuesdays is a figure that would have really benefited from Hasbro sending out samples to reviewers all over the net. Why? Because it's one that nobody wanted to buy, but it turned out be one of the best figures they've done in years. If we'd been able to tell you sooner, maybe this wouldn't have been such a pegwarmer.
  • Have you heard about the hot new place to score some unbelievable toy finds? The secret store that's landing people some ultra-rare items? Well, we're here to tell you all about it.
  • You notice a theme with all the reviews so far? Something they had in common (other than the TF, of course)? Well, it's not stopping yet.
  • We finally bucked that trend as we moved into the new week. Friday we took a look at a tiny pair of enemies, with a nice assortment of accessories.
  • Hasbro made an announcement about their Spider-Man movie figures last week. What's up?
  • Then it was back to the old theme for our next review. You might want to lay down some newspaper - I'm not sure this one is entirely housebroken.
  • Our second Transformers Tuesday brings forth some heavy metal destruction, from 4 million years ago. Now that's a retro toy! If only it would fit together better.
  • The FANtastic Exclusive 2007 figures from the Four Horsemen have started shipping, and fans are finding some problems. Read what the Horsemen have to say about it.
  • Our final review of the week(s) is a giant one. You'll need to make sure you've got enough room between your shelves before you bring this one home. If you only take one Old English lesson this week, make it this.
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