Shocka: The hoops us Aussies have to jump through...

So, I went down to a gunshop, and found out that it's actually easier to get an actual gun than to get the Japanese Takara Transformer MP-05 (MP-5) Masterpiece Megatron. The one that Transforms into a fake toy gun! Retarded? You betcha.

Here in Australia, guns aren't nearly as common as they are in the United States of Jesusland, but this right here is going too far. Much too far, in fact. It states that for any Aussies to own a Masterpiece Megatron, we have to:

  • Undergo a criminal and probity check
  • Provide a genuine reason for ownership of the toy
  • Provide proof of membership to a collector's club, and
  • Abide by safe storage, surrender and disposal requirements.

For a toy? For a fucking toy?! The criminal and probity check is a Firearms Registry requirement, done by the police, because lord knows you're going to shoot some motherfuckers with your Japanese transforming robot toy. Sheesh, I'm sure you could do someone more damage showing them the godawful movie. "Safe storage?" You have to keep your toy in a locked cabinet! The hoops we have to jump through. In America, you just have to have a rubber stopper glued in the barrel. Does anyone know if there's anything like this anywhere else at all, just to own the MP Megatron?

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