Exclusive DCSH Man-Bat fax

Arkham Asylum
Gotham City,
ATTN: Dr. Amadeus Arkham

Dear Dr. Arkham:

Enclosed you will find Dr. Robert Kirkland Langstrom, formerly of Wayne Bio-Tech, here in Gotham City. Dr. Langstrom had been developing a serum to give man the powers of echolocation - a trait inherent most notably in chioptera, commonly referred to as the bat. His motivations were simple in purpose. Langstrom was losing his hearing, and believed his serum could help him and other hearing-impaired individuals regain their auditory senses. At the outset of his experimentation, Langstrom tested the serum on himself first.

Unfortunately, the serum had an adverse effect, mutating Langstrom's DNA and quite literally transforming him into a hideous creature - essentially a "Man-Bat". He escaped Gotham City and made it all the way to the west coast before being captured in the skies over the San Diego Convention Center by person or persons unknown. He was subsequently left restrained at Wayne Chemicals' San Diego Research facility.

Although we have synthesized an antidote that should reverse the effects of Dr. Langstrom's transformation, we do not have adequate supplies of the chemicals on hand at our San Diego branch office. Therefore we are sending him back to Gotham City for treatment, care of your facility.

Dr. Langstrom will need to be restrained and sedated while the serum is administered and we appreciate your assurance that Arkham Asylum has the proper facilities to "accommodate" Dr. Langstrom until our scientists can reverse his condition.

I anxiously await confirmation of his arrival back in Gotham City.

Best regards,


Lucius Fox
CEO Wayne Enterprises
Gotham City

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