Transformers Tuesday: Where's my Megatron?!

A few months ago, it was revealed that Best Buy would have two exclusive Voyager Class movie toys to coincide with today's release of Transformers: Megatron and Ratchet. They'd come with new, metallic paint jobs to set them apart from the regular figures, and Megatron especially looked good. But when sites began doing their rundown of what exclusives would be available where, Best Buy was shown to have two exclusive Robot Heroes.

Uh, what?

Excuse me?

So where the hell do I get silver Megatron?

That was my question (and everyone else's, too). There were pictures of the figures in their boxes, with "Best Buy Exclusive" stickers on the front. But the official lists said Robot Heroes repaints, not what our own yo go re called "the only extra that counts." Seriously!

Eventually it was revealed that the exclusives were separate from the DVD, not pack-ins like we'd all thought. These were just toys sitting on the shelf. Some places put them out as soon as they got them, but my local Best Buy informed me they would be bringing the figures out with the movie. So, yeah, I was stuck hoping I could get one.

I was reasonably worried, since I work 9 to 5 on Tuesdays and my area is a known scalper hot spot, that I wouldn't be able to grab a Megatron. This is really the only movie Megatron toy at all that I view as worth purchasing.

This morning, one of the posters on our message board, immaculatewang, reported that there was a line outside his Best Buy before the store opened: not for the movie, but for the toys. They'd sold out by the time he got there.

So you decided to wait a few hours to get your Megatron? Good effing luck. I got there after work, because like a human I work a real job and can't line up at retail stores...and the guy said they got in ten...ten, and they were all long gone. Frick that.

This unbelievably sucks. No way I'm getting plain old blue Megatron...not when I know such a silver beauty exists...

Oh, and sorry if it seemed like I was cracking on anyone specifically about the lining-up thing. It's pure sour grapes. I'm not actually mad at you for lining up, I'm mad that enough people could get to Best Buy before me and pick up a Megatron and because of my thankless job, I'm empty-handed.

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