OAFEnet Update for Thursday, October 26

If the OAFEnet Email Update doesn't wake up screaming, it won't wake up at all.

Busy week this time! We had something new for you every day, which we always like to see. Feels like we're giving you what you deserve.

  • Our first review isn't an action figure. It's close, but isn't quite there. Get ready to step through a timewarp as you travel to an exotic foreign land, filled with all sorts of dangerous monsters. Bring a whip.
  • You may have noticed the link at the top of every page changed this week. Instead of hyping our Horror Month page, it's promising you free toys! We are really running a contest, with prizes from Mezco Toyz. You can't beat "free," so check out the page and see how easily you can win.
  • Sunday's review is a toy from the imaginary land known as "England." It's from yo, and fits into his oddly obsessive collection. One of his oddly obsessive collections, anyway. Find out which one.
  • Hasbro's Sigma 6 is apparently going away. What were your favorite figures from the line?
  • Remember when Shocka used to write reviews for us? Yeah, neither does anyone else. But he's back, suddenly! Yes, we actually have a new review from Shocka! Of a new toy! Read what must surely be one of the signs of the apocalypse.
  • For Transformers Tuesday, we tried to have a review of the new dvd for you, but Monkey Boy's computer, like, melted into a puddle or something. So instead, we brought you the next best thing.
  • Before his desktop went kablooey, though, Monkey managed to deliver this review, which covers a figure he notoriously complained about on our message board. Find out the final verdict on this bad boy.
  • Today's new review is actually a double shot. In more ways than one! What would you do if the world were overrun by zombies? These guys may just be able to give you some pointers.

So that's it for this week. Horror Month supposedly wraps up next week, but if it' anything like previous years, we'll end up running over a few days. Because there really is just that much good horror stuff out there!

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