The great ToyBiz market flood of 2006

We all know that ToyBiz went overboard in 2006, rushing tons of figures out in order to get as much out of their Marvel license before Hasbro took over. When yo did the math, it turned out to be an average of a new line every two and a half weeks all year long. But how many figures does that really work out to be? Let's find out!

  • Face Off 1: 6 figures + 6 variants
  • Face Off 2: 6 figures + 6 variants
  • Fantastic Four Series 1: 4 figures + 2 variants
  • Fantastic Four Series 2: 5 figures + 2 variants
  • House of M box set: 4 figures
  • Marvel Legends 12: 6 figures + 5 variants
  • Marvel Legends 13: 6 figures + 3 variants
  • Marvel Legends 14: 6 figures + 3 variants
  • Marvel Legends 15: 6 figures + 5 variants
  • Wal*Mart Legends: 9 figures + 2 variants
  • Marvel Monsters box set: 4 figures
  • Spider-Man Classic 15: 5 figures
  • Spider-Man Classic 16: 5 figures
  • Spider-Man Classic 17: 6 figures
  • Spider-Man Classic 18: 5 figures
  • Spider-Man Classic 19: 5 figures
  • X-Men 1: 8 figures + 1 variant
  • X-Men 2: 6 figures
  • X-Men 3: 6 figures + 3 variants
  • Young Avengers box set: 4 figures

So we add those up and get 112 regular figures (three of which were re-releases from previous years) and 38 variants - or an even 150 figures for the completists to hunt down. One-hundred fifty! About three new figures per week - one new figure every two and a half days. There are smokers who don't buy packs of cigarettes that fast!

We didn't even count Marvel Select (five figures and one exclusive variant) or Superhero Showdown (you can count those for yourself, buster!). Plus, don't forget the three variants from ML14 and 15 that were supposed to be released but never were. And of course Build-A-Figures aren't on the list, because they're not actually for sale.

Let's be charitable, and say that the figures were available for $8 apiece. That's high for some of the lines, but it's low for the box sets and the Face-Offs. If you were to buy 150 figures at $8 each (we'll ignore sales tax or shipping fees), that means ToyBiz expected you to drop a grand total of $1,200 on only their products in 2006. You also collect Mattel? Hasbro? McFarlane? DC Direct? Then keep those numbers rolling up.

Toy fans have a limited budget - even the most extravagant collector has his limit, and in 2006, ToyBiz really worked hard to try to reach it.

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  1. Spoon! says:

    I wonder how close Hasbro will be at the end of 2015? Will there be even more in 2016?

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