OAFEnet Update for Thursday, November 22

Happy Slapsgiving from the OAFEnet Email Update.

You're probably reading this after a morning spent watching the Macy's parade, or even after waking up from your turkey-induced coma. You know that story about tryptophan making you sleepy? Nope. It does, but the dose of it in turkey is far too small to actually effect you that way. You just want a nap because you over ate. Aren't you proud of yourself?

  • Our week kicked off with a figure not a lot of people have seen - for good reason! Check out a figure in an unexpected costume, and see how much worse it could have been.
  • Have you seen the weird new exclusive at Wal*Mart stores? The one that doesn't belong there? yo has the scoop.
  • Keeping up with the theme of our recent new posts, new OAFE Artemis threw down a review of one of this past summer's hottest exclusives. And once again, we use "hottest" in more than one way.
  • The GI Joe movie has its first official cast member. Who is it and what role will they play? Only one way to find out!
  • To counter the estrogen build-up those two reviews caused, we went to the logical extreme at the other end of the spectrum: a buff man with almost no clothes on. Hawt!
  • Want to play a fun little game? Then click over and open up a second window, because we want to hear about your favorite sites.
  • Since the last Transformers Tuesday was probably the most literary thing you read all week, we decided to reverse that by giving you reviews of three idiot yokels. Yee-haw!
  • yo has also posted a bit of a rant about a letter in this month's ToyFare. What's got him so riled? Find out!
  • Your final review for the week was last week's preview. Yeah, we like to keep you waiting. For those who didn't get last week's OEU via email, this is an all-new, never-before-seen review.

Remember, folks, there aren't any worthwhile Black Friday toy sales this year, so don't fight the crowds just to face disappointment. Stay home, catch up on your OAFEry, and we'll see you here again next week.

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